Boy oh boy, it's a stunning open space lined by pine trees that overlooks the vale, The address is The Range, 639 Range Road, The Range SA 5172, so, it’s at The Range. This is just 10 minutes south from Sunny McLaren Vale. Parking is now 300m from site wahoo. Don’t wanna drive? yeah me neither. We do have a porchload of busies running too! see below x

2018-11-21 11.07.48 1.jpg

**John Farnham will be on another farewell tour, just down the road. so traffic will be hairy. use our above little map to get you where you need to be! ps. you’re the voice, try and understand it x

yeah look nah. this little puppy is a fully licensed event. no grog will be allowed to be brought onsite or taken off. we keep our drinkies affordable, and just remember, you’d only be stealing from your porch friends. so help us, help you x

look it’s forecasted be so sunny. so we’ve provided shade so you babes don’t get burnt. we’ll have a big ass giant tipi for everyone. and a lovely big stretch tent. and big umbrellas. and trees. and if it rains a tiny bit which it absolutely won’t. all of the above will be there for you too. yum yum x

we’re bringin in a big sexy water tank. meaning no plastic bottles. meaning no cups. meaning happy trees. do your bit and bring along a drink bottle to fill up at Porchlandville.

yeah nah. gaties won’t be open until 12pm. if you get there early. you’ll just have to lurk out front baby. come at 12:00pm. x

There's a first time for everything. Have an original copy of your ticket on your electronic device, (sometimes called a phone).  Ensure you've got your barcode ready to be scanned in by our Porch Wizards who will greet you on entry. lets boogie

We love little people, please bring 'em all. Under 12's are free entry with an adult. We'll have activities too. These babes need a little ticket though pls. jump on to our moshfriends (moshtix) an grab one. **Please note - this is a music event. music can be loud sometimes. do protect your little saplings earholes as best you can. don’t get em too close to the speakers, throw them onstage etc.

Totes. As long as they are on a leady lead at all times. and don’t eat anyone’s faces. bring them! as their parents, you will be responsible for picking up all and any of their little poos. so pack some little bags for that please. omg dogz x

Trust us, we're the biggest hummus fans, we buy the stuff in 1kg tubs, but Porchland has some mighty fine food options for you all. BYO cash money, and we'll sort the rest.

dance too hard and fall in the grass and scrape your knee? we’ll have first aid onsite all day baby.

we'll have all the vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and eggplant free goods you can dream of. but like. if you want steak. we'll have steak too.

We love rugs. picnic ones. persian ones. all about those guys, they welcome. Cushions, they are also great too. And hey, dis is Adelaide. prepare for all the the seasons. Pack a sunhat, pack a poncho, pack a blouse, definitely pack a blouse, she gets cold up here. you just never know what's in store.

some assorted stalls and the sexy porch bar will be equipped with ye ole eftpos facilities, but alas, some may not. fill yo pockets with all the clams just to be sure.

we’d prefer if you didn’t literally pass out. but you can have a pass out. to pop to the car and grab that sun hat you forgot. cause it’s going to be so sunny. remember? we’ll give you a little wristband at the door. to whip out again. and whip back in.

you will be breaking hearts if you smoke darts, near any part,
of the festival that is not a designated smoking area.
respect other people’s lungs. and whip into the cute little smoking area for a little smoke.

but like. seriously. We cannot accept responsibility or liability for injury on this site under any circumstances. Attendance at this event is at your own risk. Please read full ticketing conditions before purchasing.

hello. no one gets left behind in porchland. everyone is welcome. and we mean everyone. all ages. tiny people. slightly more graciously seasoned people. and everyone in between. we do our absolute best to be a totally accessible site
with the site on a flat ground, no steps, full access toilets, and of course, clear and lovely sight lines to the stage for all. of course, you have any questions, or anything we can do to make your time at porchland more comfortable, please get in contact and let us know. - sharni@theporchsessions.com

hello. Porchland is a safe space. for everyone. no matter what race, gender, sexuality you are. we strive on ensuring EVERYONE is comfortable and happy in this lovely forest. If you spot anyone, or anything that makes you or your festival friends feel uncomfortable. call it out. talk to staff. talk to security. there are so many caring humans onsite that have your back. talk to them. we pride porchland on having one of the most glorious, friendly crowds in all the land. let’s keep it that way. look out for each other. and we’ll look out for you. x

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